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How much do you typically spend on hosting, software and security updates, backups, technical support, etc
If you know how much space your website, database, development site and backup take, then this helps, no worries if you don't know this.
This gives us an idea on how much power your website will need. Again, no worries if you don't know this.
Many clients like us to take care of data input, image optimisation, and general site admin tasks. If you'd like us to provide some details on this then select "Yes".
Would you like a free WordPress audit? *
We'd be happy to have a look at the key performance indicators on your site. Security, speed, and general website health.

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If the website you'd like a report on is different, please update it here.
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We’ll get some options for you to show how we can help you and your website grow.

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We’ll speak (and meet if necessary) to go over the options. Zoom/Skype is popular at the mo.

Let’s do this!
Once all agreed, we’ll start the project and get you set up on our project management tools so you can track progress and stay in touch throughout.

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