Amazon Fire TV USB Stick Hits The UK

Amazon is about to launch it’s Chromecast rival in the UK this week. For those that don’t know, a “TV stick” is a small device that plugs into the HDMI port on your telly and lets you access a number of on-line services, such as Netflix, Spotify, web, games, Apps, etc.

Google have already released their “Chromecast” for £30 and it looks as though the Amazon “Fire TV Stick” stick will be £35.

These little “TV Stick” gadgets are really impressive, and we think that most homes will have one within the next 2 years, however they will have moved on a lot more from the current offerings.

So which is better? Chromecast or “Fire TV Stick” (one definitely roles off the tongue easier). Well the “Fire TV Stick” has more memory (8GB vs 2GB on the Chromecast) and if you use the Amazon “Prime” service then it makes sense, as Amazon are offering it at a discounted price for Prime subscribers until March 26th 2015. But if you’re not into Amazon then the Chromescast may be the better better as it has more 3rd party support to integrate with other gadgets in your home.

So which one do you fancy? At 2able we prefer the Chromecast for now.

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