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BeON – Nice idea

BeON – Nice idea

Light Bulb Home Security

The BeON light bulb functions like any other on first sight. Screw it in place and it will illuminate your home as and when you please. Leave your home though, and BeON really comes to life.

The bulb also contains a backup power source. So, should the power cut out, the BeOn can continue to light the rooms in your house. Similarly, the BeOn has a solution to aid in the event of a fire. The bulb detects the deafening sound of your smoke detector, switches itself on and guides you through to safety.

Not content with ending there though, the BeON also offers a handy solution to a bug bear that I can certainly appreciate.

Switch your BeON off as you saunter up to bed, but alas, you’re often left to stumble across the room as the switch is located at the opposite end. Tripping over the dog and walking into the table as you go. The BeON though, will slowly fade out after being switched off, allowing you ample time to nip across the room, accident free.

The BeOn is also fully controllable via a mobile app, which allows you to customise the habits of your light bulbs when in or out of the home.

Ok so it’s a crowdfunding project, and it’s more US based, but…

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more multi-faceted light bulb on the market then. But BeOn need your support to ensure a full market launch. BeON ic currently a crowd funded project on Kickstarter, but with almost 60% of their target already pledged with 42 days remaining, the consumers appear to be on board.

With prices starting at $199 for three BeON’s, head to their campaign page to get yours in time for their launch in April 2015.