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Keystone Employment Group


Keystone Employment Group specialise in online recruitment and Talent Bank solutions which help organisations across the UK to attract and manage the very best talent.

Having seen the search results 2able had delivered for other clients, they were keen to experience great results also. At the same time, they wanted to make sure their site performed equally well on tablets and phones in addition to the traditional desktop devices.


Redesign the site to work well on all devices. Improve the search engine presence. Provide ongoing support, reporting and commentary.


Keyword Research – Pivotal to search engine success is targeting keywords that are both popular and relevant. To discover these, we looked at sectors important to Keystone in addition to mining competitors websites.

Optimised Structure – Equipped with a refined list of popular and relevant target keywords, we went about structuring the site around these. In addition to the high value terms such “London recruitment agencies” and “online recruitment software”, we also uncovered useful terms within their target sectors, including:



  • Education & Student
  • Galleries, Libraries & Museums
  • Charity & Volunteer
  • Social Housing
  • Hospitality & Events

Responsive Design & Build – With the structure for the site planned, we went about creating a site that reflected the other Keystone brands, whilst adapting to the various devices used to view the site.

Job Feeds & Blog – To keep the site fresh and up to date, we implemented a Job Feed and Blog, and Google loves fresh content too.

One-Page Analytics Reporting – Once the site had gone live, we commenced ongoing support, reporting and commentary, with a simple one-page PDF report provided each month. Key elements of successful reporting include:

  • Event Tracking
  • Goal Tracking
  • Internal Traffic Removal  and Referrer Spam

Inbounds Links – fundamental to first page coverage for competitive terms, we commenced a varied approach to ensure long-term success.


Since the campaign started, unbranded search traffic has grown over 500% in 6 months, and continues to rise month-on-month as more and more 1st page coverage is achieved.


*This data covers the period September 2014 to April 2015


Client feedback

“In a highly competitive marketplace, 2able are helping us achieve great coverage on Google. The site is performing superbly and with regular reports and advice, the results just keep on improving.”

Malcolm Paice, Chief Operating Officer
Keystone Employment Group LLP