New Apple Watch

So Apple has announced their new watch and it looks like everyone is going to have start sharpening their fingers to be able to use it. Prices range from £300 to £13500 (depending on colour). I’m willing to bet they don’t last for more than 10 years and will be about as useful as a tamagotchi, but millions will buy them and they will be the coolest gadget of 2015.

So get your credit cards out to pre-order on 10th April as they hit the shops on 24th April.

Personally I think that some of the upcoming Android smart watches might give Apple a run for their money, but by version 3 or 4, the Apple watch will no doubt be the gold standard of smart watches in around 2017.

Apple also unveiled their new laptop which seems to have only “one-port” that is used to deliver power, connectivity and any thing else cable related. Most importantly it looks nice and is very thin.

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