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WordPress Maintenance, Management & Hosting

Your WordPress Website in safe hands




Website Hosting Solutions

Google rewards fast, reliable, secure websites. And that’s exactly what we offer on our dedicated servers, hosted at UK Fast.

Our solution bridges the gap between cheap, unreliable, shared hosting and fully-managed, dedicated servers. The key benefits of our solution include:

Managed Website Hosting

We only host websites that we or trusted 3rd parties have developed or vetted so that the server and your website perform effectively.

Capacity Threshold Monitoring (CTM)

We set three, low thresholds for bandwidth consumption, disk utilisation and process performance. This allows us plenty of time to address the matter before the service is affected and ensures that you receive maximum performance from the solution.

External 3rd Party Monitoring

We utilise a 3rd party service that checks individual websites for specific text. If the check fails, we get alerted immediately.

Customised Hardware & Software Firewalls

Helps prevent hackers and other unwanted traffic bringing down the server and your website.

Carbon Neutral

UK Fast has achieved PAS 2060 – making them the 1st carbon neutral hosting company in the UK:

100% network uptime

Ensures your website can be available 24/7/365.

Raid SSD Hard Drives

In the event that the hard drive corrupts, a mirrored hard drive kicks in to ensure no server downtime or data loss.

Daily Server Backups

Should a database be accidentally deleted or another important file, the files can be restored from the overnight backup.

We also retain weekly backups for 12 months.

Our Clients


Our entry WordPress Hosting solution includes:

  • Diskpace : 2.5GB
  • Bandwith (per month) : 10GB
  • Domain Renewals Included (.uk, .com, .net, .org) : 3
  • SafeDNS© Management (via UK Fast)
  • SSL Certificate (Secure Padlock)
  • Manual monthly updates to WordPress core & Plugins
  • Emergency security updates to WordPress core & Plugins
  • Testbed Environment
  • Wordfence Premium (Security): Optional
  • SEO Audits, Dashboard & Support : Optional
  • Simplified Google Analytics Report (each month) : Optional
  • Social Media Dashboard : Optional
  • Social Media Content Creation : Optional
  • Customistation Work Included (each month) : 1 hour

Prices start from £600 per year or £60 per month

Please contact us for a personalised quote.