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We take care of all the technical parts of WordPress management, leaving you free to focus on your website audience and business activities.

We manage your hosting, we take care of updates, we monitor your security, we support you and fix your site issues.
You grow your business and online community.

Let us know some basic info about your site and we’ll let you know how we can help you with updates, security, site speed, and overall website management.




  • Direct contact with our UK Directors
  • 100% Network Uptime
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Daily Backups (minimum)
  • 20+ years experience, 10+ in WordPress
  • Customised Hardware and Software Firewalls
  • Always On monitoring
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Plugin and Security updates of your WordPress environment

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Meet our directors and co-founders

Ben Crowley

Ben Crowley started building and marketing websites in 1996 when he helped launch an award winning academic website as part of his A-levels. Since then, he has consulted on and implemented solutions for a plethora of organisations across the globe. Ben would be delighted to discuss your requirements, so feel free to connect with him below.

Ben Williams

Ben Williams started working with websites in 1993 and has been working with WordPress since 2008. From initially working for big brands like Silicon Graphics and DIAGEO, and now moving to medical societies and start-ups, Ben’s focus is to help people improve the way they work online, with a specific focus on WordPress function and performance.

How fast is your website?

Site speeds can be tested using Google tools and other resources. Green scores for mobile and desktop devices is a great indicator that your site is performing at its best.

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Whether you are looking to move away from cheap, unreliable, shared hosting or expensive fully-managed, dedicated servers this is the solution for you.

Managed Website Hosting

We only host websites that we or trusted 3rd parties have developed or vetted so that the servers and your website perform effectively.

Capacity Threshold Monitoring (CTM)

We set three, low thresholds for bandwidth consumption, disk utilisation and process performance. This allows us plenty of time to address the matter before the service is affected and ensures that you receive maximum performance from the solution.

External 3rd Party Monitoring

We utilise a 3rd party service that checks individual websites for specific text. If the check fails, we get alerted immediately.

Customised Hardware & Software Firewalls

Helps prevent hackers and other unwanted traffic bringing down the server and your website.

Carbon Neutral

Our hosting partners achieve a minimum of carbon neutral.

100% network uptime

Ensures your website can be available 24/7/365.

Raid SSD Hard Drives

In the event that the hard drive corrupts, a mirrored hard drive kicks in to ensure no server downtime or data loss.

Robust Backups

Full daily backups are retained for 7 days, weekly backups are retained for 4 weeks and monthly backups are retained for 12 months.

Real-time backups are also available for transactional and constantly changing sites.

We’re passionate about helping people grow and protect their business, contact us to learn more of the opportunities available to you

Google rewards fast, reliable, secure websites. And that’s exactly what we offer on our dedicated servers.

Our entry WordPress Hosting solution includes:

  • Disk Space : 10GB
  • Bandwidth (per month) : 50GB
  • Domain Renewals Included (.uk, .com, .net, .org) : 1
  • SafeDNS© Management (via UK fast)
  • SSL Certificate (Secure Padlock)
  • Daily Backups (Real-time optional)
  • External 3rd Party Monitoring
  • Scheduled and Emergency updates to WordPress core & Plugins

Prices start from £75 +VAT per month


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