WordPress Speed Packages


Optimise your current website setup to perform as fast as it can in its current state

We take a copy of your site, optimise it and test it.

We don’t change the data or design, we instead optimise the way it is delivered. 

Code, CSS, scripts, images, plugins, database, WordPress, cache, server.

You get to test the results before we apply to live site.

Investment =  £595 

Result = Your website performing as best it can within its current design and hosting setup


Optimise, improve and upgrade your website setup to perform as fast as it can

Same as package 1, but we also make improvements to the way your website pages are structured (to up to 10 key pages on your site).

In addition we look at the following items:

SEO improvements, advanced speed changes including localising/deferring assets (scripts and fonts), improving plugin choice where possible, making changes to data to improve speed.

Investment = £1,795

Result = Your website performing better and faster for visitors and search engines


Rebuild your website to perform at the highest speed possible.

Site is recreated using a new optimised theme to ensure fastest results.

Investment = POA (from £2k)

Result = Your website performing at the highest level

Improved page speed results > Better search engine ranking > More visitors

Site Speed Tests and Results

Site speeds can be tested using Google tools and other resources. Green scores for mobile and desktop devices is a great indicator that your site is performing at its best.